Operations Manager at Research Innovation Teams-RIT

As an inventor, I am constantly seeking out new ways to bringing new ideas to market.

I’m Soheila Roshani
an Inventor, Researcher, and Team-Oriented.



Managing Director
at Marefat Asia Yadak Diesel Co.

As the Managing Director of a private company, I have led teams to achieve outstanding results, driving growth, and profitability.


Creativity, Innovation
and Invention Tutor

My passion for innovation extends beyond my professional life, as I have also spent more than 5 years teaching and learning about the field.

Education and Qualification


Educational Culture in Innovation and Invention Course @ IFIA ACADEMY

I’ve been trained for more than 340 hours with the following subjects:

  • Personal branding and development skills like an inventor
  • Strategic self-marketing and personal branding
  • Design thinking and creativity for innovation
  • How to design a successful business model
  • Idea, creativity, innovation, and change
  • Innovation: from plan to product
  • Genome of success 360 degrees



“Introduction to the Patent Cooperation Treaty” course @WIPO

This course provides an introduction and general overview of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), an international system that facilitates the acquisition of patents on a global scale.



Sc., Industrial Management @ Islamic Azad University Central Tehran Branch

In this Field I learned how to deals with industrial design, construction, management, and application of science and engineering principles to improve the entire industrial infrastructure and industrial processes.



  • Impact Of Using Innovation on Businesses During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Business Excellence and Management Journal | 20

  • Creativity and Innovation in 2025 book | 2019

  • The Key Role of Creativity and Innovation in the Industry book | 2019



  • Silver Medal of the International Competition of Swiss Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland | 2020
  • Gold Medal of the World Invention Competition, South Korea | 2019
  • Silver Medal of the Silicon Valley Competition, United States of America | 2019
  • Innovation Medal of the Ministry of Research and innovation From Romania | 2019
  • Platinum Medal IWIS Competition, Poland | 2018
  • Gold Medal of the World Women’s Invention Competition (KIWIE), South Korea | 2018
  • Gold Medal from ITEX Competition, Malaysia | 2018
  • Gold Medal of ARCA Tournament, Croatia | 2018
  • Gold Medal of the Foshan Tournament, China | 2018
  • Gold Medal of IENA, Germany | 2018
  • Gold Medal of iCAN, Canada | 2018
  • Bronze Medal of ITEX Competition, Malaysia | 2018
  • Special Prize of the World Women’s Invention Competition (KIWIE), South Korea | 2018
  • KIPA’s Special Awards of ITEX Competition, Malaysia | 2018
  • Special Prize of IWIS Competition, Warsaw, Poland | 2018
  • Special Award for the Best Female Inventor in iCAN, Canada | 2018
  • IFIA Special Award in IENA, Germany | 2018
  • The Valuable CITS Cup of the IWIS Tournament, Poland | 2018
  • Invention Certificate, Malaysia | 2018
  • Winner of the Valuable Medal of the United Nations Intellectual Property Organization WIPO | 2018



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